VW Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Interface

Compatible With MIB2 & MQB Infotainment Systems

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  • Apple CarPlay (wireless + wired)
  • Android Auto (wireless + wired)
  • iOS AirPlay (wireless screen mirror for iOS)
  • Android Autolink (wired screen mirror for Android)
  • Front & rear view camera in (PAL + NTSC)
  • HDMI in (720P)
  • USB multimedia playback (Lossless audio & FHD 1080P video)

VW Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Interface

VW CarPlay & Android Auto Interface

Are you looking to add extra functionality to your VW? This is the perfect solution for you:

This interface is designed for select OEM infotainment systems (MIB 2 & MQB) and allows you to add new features including Apple CarPlay & Android Auto without replacing your head unit.

  • Auto switch CarPlay appearance depending on car headlights.
  • Adjustable WiFi channel for a better wireless experience.
  • High performance audio with wide range equalizer.
  • Multiple adjustable volumes.
  • Adjustable microphone settings including microphone volume, echo canceling, sensitivity, etc.
  • Support using factory microphone, also add-on MIC.
  • Adjustable parking guideline.
  • Multiple methods for display front camera.
  • Press & hold 1 button for quick restart.
  • Easy software update via USB extension, not require to remove OEM radio again.
  • Visual settings user interface and easy to use.

VW Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Interface



  • MIB 2
  • MQB

Multimedia Interface I/O Spec:
Input: RCA*2 (front & rear view camera), HDMI*1 (720P), 3.5mm jack female*1 (add on microphone), HSD*1 (LVDS)
Output: HSD*1 (LVDS), Fakra*1 (WiFi & BT antenna), 3.5mm jack male*1 (audio L/R)

Power Spec:
Input power: 9V-16V
Consumption: 6W

Optional Components (sold separate):
External microphone (Needed when a car without OEM MIC)